What’s In Your Makeup Bag?

What makeup do you wear daily? Everyone’s makeup bag is different. I have asked three lovely ladies what is in their everyday makeup bag. A professional makeup artist, an avid makeup lover and a minimalist. Take a look to see what they have!

The professional’s makeup bag.


~ I love that this makeup bag is so simple. This makeup artist said her 3 must haves are her concealer, mascara and her brow pencil. I can certainly relate!

The avid makeup lover’s bag.

Taylor's makeup

~As you can see this makeup lover isn’t afraid to try different things! Her 3 must have are her brow pencil, mascara and a primer (not pictured).

The minimalist’s makeup bag.

Marys makeup 1

~This beauty wears eye liner and 2 mascaras for her look. This is simple, easy and certainly shows off the eyes.

My makeup bag.

my makeup

~My makeup bag is pretty simple. My 3 must haves are sunscreen, eye liner (cream or powder) and of course mascara! Always mascara;)


I loved seeing these 4 different photos. They really embody the fact that there really is no one way to feel beautiful. In fact I know many women who wear no makeup at all and they are all beautiful. You may have noticed the one very consistent thing among all 4 of us is mascara. Even though we all choose different mascaras it is a must have for all of us. We all have different brands of makeup in our bags, from drug store to department store we have it all. Since I personally know all the ladies I can tell you they are all beautiful. They each apply their makeup differently, and not only does it compliment their faces but their personalities as well. I love that makeup allows us to be who we are.

So what is on your makeup bag?