Medical Massage for the Win!

I was doing hair a makeup for a large wedding party one day, and I had a little break while waiting for the next group of ladies to arrive. I was just rubbing my hands and cracking my knuckles out of habit without even noticing I was doing it. One of the bridesmaids I had already done hair for was a licensed massage therapist noticed what I was doing and offer to give me a hand and arm massage. It was so sweet of her and felt so good. Once she reached my left shoulder, she was surprised how tight my muscles were. She said they are definitely not supposed to feel like a brick wall lol. After five minutes I felt so amazingly relaxed. I was so grateful to her. I had no idea how tight my muscles were. Unfortunately, she lived out of town and was only here for the wedding, so I couldn’t start going to her regularly. With her guidance I was able to find a great licensed massage therapist, who offered medical massage in my area.

I started going as regularly as I could last November. I have had relaxation massages plenty of times in my life, but having a medical therapeutic deep tissue massage was a whole new thing to me. First of all, I really had no idea how messed up my body was. The first massage was amazing, yes, a little painful at times due to the pressure but WOW was it worth it. Even being a little sore for a few days even walking out of her office I felt a thousand time better. I didn’t feel like the wound-up spring that I was. As a makeup artist and hair stylist my back, shoulders and arms are usually a mess. Over time when I am able to go on a regular basis, I have noticed a huge different in my body. My pain level and headaches have diminished.

I thought it would be fun to ask my amazing massage therapist some questions to let everyone know what she really does.

Kat- What is the difference between medical massage and a massage someone might get at a traditional spa?

Mariah Beuerlein LMT- Generally a massage at a spa has a focus of relaxation, is usually the whole body, and is done periodically as desired.

Though the effects of relaxation are therapeutic for the body over all, medical massage is therapeutic as well but it is a more specific targeted treatment. Medical Massage is targeting a specific area of concern or injury with treatment plan set up for multiple and frequent visits. Medical Massage therapists tend to have additional training and certifications beyond the state licensure.

Kat- What types of pain can medical massage help?

Mariah Beuerlein LMT – Massage can address pain associated with tendon, muscle, joint dysfunction as well as calm the nervous system down to calm anxieties therefore decreasing any type of pain. It also can help with pain and other sensations associated with nerve damage.

Kat – How Often do you recommend people see a licensed massage therapist?  

Mariah Beuerlein LMT – Every individual should have their own massage plan. Everybody’s goals are different for their massage. More intense injuries or people who do jobs like you and I would recommend more frequent massages. I basically just tell people to stay ahead of their pain schedule.

I can personally say I will continue to have medical massage be a part of not just my self -care, but my physical care routine.

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