Time To Give Your Hair Some Love

We all have times when our hair could use a little extra love. Whether you color your hair regularly or never at all, sometimes it just falls flat. And right now, if you normally go to the salon to get your hair done you are probably really missing it. Even as a licensed cosmetologist myself, I have an amazing stylist, who happens to be a good friend who knows me well. And because of that she already knows I don’t come in to get my color done as often as I should. So now I am way, way past time for a refresh. While that time will come eventually, I will wait patiently. In the meantime, I will be using a couple of Amika products to help my hair.reste and flash

First, I tried Reset, which is a pink charcoal scalp cleansing oil. It is applied before you wash your hair and massaged into the scalp. It has a wonderful minty scent and a cooling feel. After the oil foams, wash and condition hair as normal. While it did feel great, I had no idea how much it helped my scalp and hair until my hair was completely dry. I let it air dry and the next morning my hair had a lot more body at the roots. After multiple uses my scalp also feels less dry. This is definitely a product I plan to keep in my regular hair care routine.

A few days later I decided to check out Flash. It is super easy to use. Just wash your hair squeeze the water out and apply Flash in sections from root to end. I let is sit for about three minutes then rinsed it out. It felt really slippery so I was a bit concerned it wouldn’t Hair after flashall rinse out, but it was very light weight. After my hair dried, I noticed a big difference in shine, especially near my roots. If you get your hair colored you know your hair has such a shine right after you get it done. This had that fresh color feel to it.

All in all, I was very happy with both of these Amika products. I plan to keep them in my hair care rotation. While it might not be the same as going to the salon, it was a great boost for my hair.

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