Red Lips!

Do you have a red lip color that you love? Do you feel like you can’t wear red?

Red lips are not only iconic, but timeless. Red lips are never outdated, and can go with any look. From jeans and a great t-shirt to a formal ballgown, it goes with everything!red lips post 2

Red is absolutely a power color, and I believe there is a red lip for everyone! Finding the right red lip, can be like finding a great bathing suit or the perfect pair of jeans. And by that, I mean it can be incredibly difficult and sometimes you just want to give up.

There thousands of red lip colors out there. From lip liners and lipsticks to lips balms and gloss. It can be very intimidating to try to choose one. If you are feeling a little weary about where to begin, start with a gloss or even tinted lip balm. Once you get used to seeing yourself with more color on your lips, you can work up to a bolder red if you like.97325398_719881028752049_8258267497891889152_n

Since your lips will be bold be sure to keep the rest of your look soft.  I am a huge fan of a natural eye shadow and a cat eye liner with my red lips. Another thing I love about red lips is that since you can wear it with a very simple eye look and be completely polished, it can be a very quick look. There are days I don’t want to take a lot of time on my eyes so I pop on a red lip and call it a day😉

So, get out there and find YOUR red lip. I promise it’s out there and you will feel amazing when you are rocking it!

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